E-commerce Website Maintenance

Picture your online store as a thriving online marketplace filled with happy customers.Imagine it now, wrapped in cobwebs with broken links and outdated information. 

Not exactly the image you want, right?

That's where our E-commerce Website Maintenance package comes in! 

This ongoing service, offered under Customer Support Services, ensures your e-commerce website functions flawlessly, delivers an outstanding customer experience, and continues to evolve.

Here's what we cover

Technical Expertise

  • We perform software updates, plugin installations, and security checks for your e-commerce website. 
  • This keeps everything running smoothly, reduces downtime, and protects your store from vulnerabilities.

Speed Boosting

  • We track the website's speed issues and identify areas for improvement.
  • This includes image upgrading, setting up caching mechanisms, and ensuring quick page loads for a satisfying user experience.

Up-to-date Content

  • Our team keeps your product descriptions, pricing, inventory levels, and other content up-to-date. 
  • This ensures customers have accurate information, which results in higher sales.

Security Supervision

  • We constantly monitor your website for security threats and take the necessary measures to stop violations. 
  • This includes regular backups and data protection to keep your valuable information safe.

Broken Link Repair

We find and fix broken links to maintain a smooth user experience and improve your website's search engine ranking.

Stop worrying about the technical aspects and focus on doing your best to run your business.

Imagine having our dedicated customer service company provide help desk support services to your online store. Our E-commerce Website Maintenance package acts like an extension of your in-house team, ensuring perfect client interaction via online help desk services.


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Our package covers a variety of services to keep your online store running smoothly, including software updates, security patching, performance optimization, content management, broken link repair, and security monitoring.

Our team will identify and fix broken links to maintain a smooth user experience and improve your search engine ranking.

Price $ 149 $ 249

2 Days Delivery 3 Revisions
  • Monthly Website Backup
  • Regular Software & Plugin Updates
  • Monthly Security Scan
  • Performance Optimization
  • Database Optimization
  • Content Updates (Up to 5 Pages)
  • Product Updates (Up to 50 Products)
  • SSL Certificate Management
  • Monthly Website Health Report
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Bug Fixes & Troubleshooting
  • Basic SEO Optimizatio
  • Regular Performance Monitoring
  • Website Migration Assistance
  • Content Management Support

Price $ 349 $ 449

4 Days Delivery 3 Revisions
  • Weekly Website Backup
  • Weekly Software & Plugin Updates
  • Weekly Security Scan
  • Enhanced Performance Optimization
  • Advanced Database Optimization
  • Content Updates (Up to 15 Pages)
  • Product Updates (Up to 150 Products)
  • SSL Certificate Installation & Renewal
  • Bi-Weekly Website Health Report
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Advanced Bug Fixes & Troubleshooting
  • Advanced SEO Optimization
  • Advanced Performance Monitoring
  • Advanced Migration Support
  • Advanced Content Management Support

Price $ 499 $ 599

7 Days Delivery 5 Revisions
  • Daily Website Backup with Cloud Storage
  • Automated Software & Plugin Updates
  • Daily Security Monitoring & Alerts
  • Advanced Performance Tuning & Caching
  • Comprehensive Database Management
  • Unlimited Content Updates
  • Unlimited Product Updates
  • Comprehensive SSL Management & Monitoring
  • Weekly Website Health Report with Analytics
  • 24/7 Priority Technical Support
  • Comprehensive Bug Fixes & Troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive SEO Strategy & Management
  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring & Alerts
  • Comprehensive Migration Service
  • Comprehensive Content & Technical Support

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