Documentary Film Video Editing

Forget about mountains of footage and scattered ideas. Our documentary film video editing package lets you turn the initial footage into an exciting documentary. Your vision will be meticulously brought to life with unparalleled creativity, leaving a lasting impact on your viewers and solidifying your documentary's place in the world.

What's Included

  • Skilled video editing service: Our expert team of skilled editors will produce your story with eye-pleasing visuals and an emotional impact on the people watching it.

  • Using Motion Graphics and B-Roll: We use dynamic motion graphics and influential alternative footage to promote your documentary in many other ways. 

  • Music and Soundtrack: We produce a sound design with different voice overs, sound effects, and a gripping soundtrack that will indeed involve your audience.

  • Color Correction Service: We professionally grade your footage for a polished and visually stunning look.

  • Feedback and Inputs: We work closely with you all the way through the process, taking your suggestions into account to produce a final product that goes above and beyond.

Additional Services

Are you ready to take the next step? Utilize our affordable video editing services to the fullest. Explore our other web pages for more exciting packages. We value your input, so contact us today for a free consultation!


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The editing timeline depends on the footage length, story complexity, and revision cycles. We'll discuss your project details to provide an accurate estimate.

We appreciate your vision. Throughout the editing process, we'll be at your side to make sure the final result conveys your vision.

Our main intention is that the final product will fulfill your requirements. We'll work with you to refine the edit until your documentary truly shines.

Price $ 199 $ 299

3 Days Delivery 2 Revisions
  • Up to 30 minutes of raw footage editing
  • Basic color correction
  • Standard transitions and title animations

Price $ 349 $ 449

8 Days Delivery 5 Revisions
  • Up to 60 minutes of raw footage editing
  • Advanced color grading and sound design
  • special effects

Price $ 749 $ 849

10 Days Delivery 9 Revisions
  • Up to 90 minutes of raw footage editing
  • Cinematic color grading and audio mastering
  • Special effects title animations

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