Color Grading for Videos

We value your visit to our website! We provide expert color grading services to ensure your videos are visually appealing and attractive to viewers. With this package, you can improve your video's quality, style, and visual narrative with professional adjustments.

Our Services

  • Color Correction Service: To guarantee a clean and uniform foundation throughout your videos, we'll carefully adjust exposure, contrast, and white balance.

  • Creative Grading: We will turn out the tonal modifications and artistic color palettes to produce certain emotions and achieve the intended element.

  • Skin Tone Perfection: Realistic and aesthetically pleasing skin tones will be included in your video.

  • Delivery Formats: Your final video will be delivered in your preferred format, ready to impress your viewers.

  • Integrating Look-Up Tables: Custom Look-Up Tables (LUTs) can achieve consistent results and a more efficient color grading process.

What you'll receive

  • A professional and high-quality aesthetic look that sets your video apart. 
  • A consistent visual style across all your video content for your brand consistency
  • You can save time by focusing only on your creative vision. Let us handle the technical details of outsourcing video editing.

Contact us today. Don't hesitate to take advantage of our affordable video editing services. Invest in our expert color correction service to attain the maximum potential of your video content.


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This package can be used for a wide variety of videos, including weddings, commercials, documentaries, short films, music videos, and even drone footage.

While color grading can fix a lot, some limitations exist. Basic color correction is usually included, but advanced fixes for poorly lit footage might require additional charges.

Yes, many providers can match your video to a reference you provide. This can be helpful for achieving a consistent look across multiple videos.

Price $ 69 $ 129

2 Days Delivery 3 Revisions
  • Color correction for up to 5 minutes of video
  • Basic color balancing and tone adjustments
  • Standard delivery in HD resolution


  • 24/ 7 Support (+ $5)
  • Fast Delivery (+ $5)

Price $ 149 $ 249

4 Days Delivery 6 Revisions
  • Color grading for up to 15 minutes of video
  • Advanced color matching and look creation
  • High dynamic range (HDR) support


  • 24/ 7 Support (+ $5)
  • Fast Delivery (+ $5)

Price $ 249 $ 349

8 Days Delivery 7 Revisions
  • Comprehensive color grading for up to 30 minutes of video
  • Cinematic look development and film emulation
  • 4K resolution delivery


  • 24/ 7 Support (+ $5)
  • Fast Delivery (+ $5)

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